Here's the current list of staff members which includes what they do and contacts.

Michelle - Owner, Founder, General Site-Caretaker

Duties: I update the site, try to keep all the pages up-to-date, try to keep the boards organized and current as well as advertising the site, designing and coding the new layouts, cleaning up and finding new affiliates, trying to come up with new interactive plots for everyone involved and just trying to make sure that the site doesn't blow up. I also deal with any troubleshooting issues I have with the hosting company and make sure that the .com name stays registered.
Blurb: I'm 21 years old and from Canada (one of the main reasons why Canada is one of the 'main' countries). I've been roleplaying since August 2000, I started with horse roleplaying games and moved onto human games soon after. I started this game on June 25th, 2006 - I was 16 years old at the time. I'm currently attending university full time during the school year and scheduled to graduate in May 2012 with a BSc in Life Science and Earth & Ocean Sciences. I plan to do another BSc after that, majoring in Nursing. My other interests including writing poetry, web and graphic design, writing music, photography, blogging and crafting (designing jewellery and crochet patterns). I'm a huge advocate of literacy and support non-profit programs like I've been active in the web design community and have blogged nearly consistently since 1999. My main reasons for creating Ames was to be able to play characters with multiple names and to get away with it without it being weird.