Total Number of Rules: 23 | Last Updated: June 28, 2010 (General #6 and 7)


1. Keep it realistic. This is a human rpg.
2. Be courteous to people while out of character.
3. Anything goes while in character. Sex, drugs, violence. It all exists.
4. Put effort into your posts. There is no word limit but put some effort into it.
5. Be active. If you can't play, just don't join. It's that simple.
6. In following the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we do not allow children under the age of 13 to roleplaying in this game. By joining and/or posting on any of the message boards, you are saying that you are over the age of 13.
7. While Ames does not invoke the traditional roleplaying rankings of beginner, intermediate or advanced, the game is geared towards roleplayers who are in their late teens or older. The material that is roleplayed out on the game should be considered geared towards mature individuals.


1. Fill out the entire form.
2. Your character has to have a role in the city. Are they a BIRD operative? Are they a doctor/medical professional for COUGH? Are they a soldier for FAINTS? Are they a child prodigy? Are they a scientist of some sort? They have to have been sent by their country for some reason. What is it that reason? What is their purpose?
3. Your character can be from any nationality/country that you want them to be from. The more different types there are, the better.
4. A sample post of your roleplaying is required for your first character. After that, you can get away without a joining post unless you are auditioning for a character, then you are required to have an audition post.
5. Join your character with a first and a last name. Do not have duplicated last names unless the characters are related. Duplicated first names are also not allowed.

In Character

1. No powerplaying/godmoding/godplaying. It's not very nice.
2. Put effort into your posts. (Yes, this was mentioned in the 'General' section.)
3. Don't use names of real people. For example, naming your character Britney Spears and making her a pop singer.
4. Housing. Soldiers for FAINTS live in the Living Quarters. Children (prodigies) that are under the age of 18 live in Maison de Mouette (which is French for 'Seagull House'). Everyone else can have a house on Rue d'Alouette (Lark Street), Rue de Faucon (Hawk Street) or Avenue de Moineau (Sparrow Avenue). Avenue de Moineau is reserved for higher-ranking citizens, however. You create a board for your character's living quarters, room or house.
5. ALL CHARACTERS MUST BE LIVING SOMEWHERE. Just make a board, post the URL and the character(s) living on that home/room board on the OOC board.
6. Operatives/undercover agents for BIRD must have an alias that is the name of a bird. (No mythical birds, ie. phoenix, allowed.)
7. Just keep it realistic.

Out of Character

1. No fights on the OOC board.
2. No flooding of the advertising board.
3. Offer suggestions or comments if you come up with something that will make Ames better!
4. Advertise Ames (optional, but it's always helpful!).