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Antonine Plague, 165-180, caused approximately 5 million deaths; at the height of the plague, 2,000 people were dying each day in Rome. Disease: smallpox or measles.

Plague of Justinian, 541-542, caused approximately 25 million deaths; at the height of the plague, 10,000 people were dying each day in Constantinople. Disease: bubonic plague.

Black Death, 1347-1351, caused approximately 34 million deaths. Disease: bubonic plague.

Spanish Flu, 1918-1919, caused approximately 50 million deaths. Disease: influenza A virus.

WIP (World Influenza Pandemic), 2008-Present time, current number of deaths is approximately 1800 million and still growing. Disease: influenza A H5N1 (avian influenza).

The world is falling apart at your feet. What would you do if everyone you know is dead or dying? Would you fall apart, or would you take the chance to change the world and change the course of humanity? Welcome to Ames, a city hidden from most of the world and home to the world's most intelligent and most valued citizens. With four major organizations running the show, there's trouble brewing just under the surface of this utopia. And when the brilliant harmony shatters - where will you be standing? In a world where death is certain and life is hanging on by a thin thread: you are your own person. You can either fight for what you believe in, or stand aside and watch everything fall apart a second time.

Ames is a human roleplaying game that began in June of 2006 and is still going strong. We have an active group of roleplayers who are all very awesome and we would love to have you join in the fun. We encourage multi-character threads and have great out of character interaction. Ames is more than just a game, it's a community.

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