Plot - Synopsis

Ames is a city that is safe from the avian influenza vius. People who are 'chosen' to live here are the best and the brightest. There are some who are against this idea of only protecting the highly intelligent, thinking that ordinary people should be allowed as well. This group of people is known as La Resistenza.

Plot - Extended

Ames is the picture perfect city. A safe haven from the avian influenza, a bunch of disease cells that are passed from human to human that originated from birds. That is what the world has come to: being afraid of feathered creatures. Granted, not all birds in human captivity have been destroyed. Chickens, ducks and turkeys on some selected government-ran farms were still alive. Those who didn't care about catching the flu because it meant not being able to support their family kept their stock of birds alive. How else would people still be able to purchase a roasted chicken sandwich at their local deli or how else would people still enjoy scrambled eggs with their neatly fried bacon every morning? There are people who are not afraid of the flu, but then those are the ones that don't understand it, those are the ones that don't care.

Ames is located in an undisclosed region of France. Some suspect that it is near the French Alps due to the fact that the mountains are visible from the city. Some suspect that they are not in France at all but are in fact in a northern part of Canada or perhaps somewhere in the American state of Alaska. There are even some people who believe that they are in Switzerland or in Russia or in Denmark or in Norway or in Iceland or even perhaps they are somewhere in Asia. People are very suspicious despite the fact that their countries and their governments nominated for them to be saved, for them to preserve their country's culture and heritage and language.

But there is one group of people who are very unsettled by the very selective way that the governments run things in Ames. They call themselves La Resistenza, which is Italian for 'The Resistance'. They are a careful underground gang who's headquarters will not be revealed here, for now. They find themselves at a crossroads. Do they do what they feel is right for their friends and families that they have left behind, or do they continue following the laws and rules set forth by people that they do not know?

La Resistenza is very secretive and is constantly recruiting members of COUGH and FAINTS to their cause; both for medical help and for military help. The only organization that they do not dare approach would be BIRD, for those little spies are gifted at lying, at deception, at pretending they care when they really don't.