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Ames is a city that stands alone without the benefit of a country backing it up. Instead, it has the benefit of the funding and resources of nearly all the major countries in the world. At a time where the World Influenza Pandemic (WIP) seems to be never ending, heads of states are desperately trying to have their best citizens accepted into the fold of the city. In times like these, only the very best are allowed in and only the brightest children with the most to offer are allow in. This city is located in an undisclosed European location, although greatly rumoured to be in either France, Switzerland or Germany. Entrance is granted only to those who will benefit the future of humanity and those who do not carry the avian influenza.

Quick IC Facts
Current Month: March
Current Year: 2015
WIP Claimed: ~2.95 billion
WIP Timeline: here
Quick OOC Facts
Members: 8
Characters: 37
Opened: June 25, 2006
Layout: 13
Quick Plot Overview La Resistenza: An Italian-led gang who's main goal is to open up the borders of Ames to allow everyone, and anyone, into the safe haven of Ames. Audition for characters: here.

News & Updates

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February 3, 2012
Hello everyone, and welcome to Ames! I take full responsibility for the neglect that Ames has gotten over the last year. But it is 2012 now, and I've been working on implementing quite a few new things onto the site. The Timeline, Plot and Extended Guide have all received updates today. A new layout is currently in the works, as is a new advertisement for the game. I hope you will all join, or rejoin, as I have great plans for Ames this year.
As always, happy roleplaying!
- Michelle