Below are the listed places that characters may live and the restrictions that apply. For instanct, only children under the age of eighteen are permitted to live in Maison de Mouette. There are also restrictions according to room numbers and house numbers. You can have more than one character living in a house to share chores and rent if the case may be.

Maison de Mouette

Maison de Mouette (Seagull House) is home to children, that are under the age of 18, who are living in Ames without parents or legal guardians. Room numbers go from 100-400. 100s and 300s are reserved for boys. 200s and 400s are reserved for girls. The ground floor is a commons area for everyone and also includes a recreation room (with games) and a cafeteria.

Ground Floor
Commons Area
Room NumberOccupied By
#216Megan "Maggie" Trent
#245Anna Bishop
#333Jude Fraser
#410Tannis Whelan

Rue d'Alouette

Rue d'Alouette (Lark Street) has small family houses. 2-3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and all the other rooms that houses normally have. House numbers run from 100-400 (even numbers only).

House NumberOccupied By
108Emmalynn Matthews
112Kaelyn Doyle ("Natala Kent")
116Kingston Channing
120Cale McGlinn
316Kiska Verushkova ("Tatyana Volkova")
324Drisana Downes
398Margaret "Mollie" Bauer

Le Cygne

Le Cygne (The Swan) is an apartment building located near the COUGH hospital. There are five floors and apartments labeled A to E on each floor so it makes for a maximum of 25 apartments in the building. Each apartment has their own bathroom and kitchen. Some are studio apartments (on floors 4 and 5) and the other three floors have anywhere from one to three bedrooms plus a living area.

Suite NumberOccupied By
2AEve Novak
2CElla Jennings
3AHelen Brown
4AAya Fuse
5DAndrew Giovanni

Rue de Faucon

Rue de Faucon (Hawk Street) has medium-sized family houses. There's about 3-4 bedrooms per house with usually 3 bathrooms and all the other rooms that houses normally have. The yards are larger than they are on Rue d'Alouette. House numbers run from 101-401 (odd numbers only).

House NumberOccupied By
163Nikolas Rayner
227Cutter Sutton

Avenue de Moinea

Avenue de Moinea (Sparrow Avenue) is the street to live on. Boasting mansions in all shapes, sizes and colours; only high-ranking citizens of Ames can afford to live here (that, and their salary may include housing costs taken care of). House numbers run from 1100-1150 (even numbers only).

House NumberOccupied By
1110Diedrick Ostrander ("Rick D'aubigne")
1132Vincent "V" Bianchi