International copyright laws follow the Berne copyright convention. Anything created after April 1, 1989 is considered copyrighted even if there is not a copyright notice on the work itself. That being say, anything created for this game (Ames - is considered off-limits. Ames was opened on June 25, 2006 on at and moved onto on October 26, 2008. All photography used for the layouts are photography taken by the Owner (Michelle), her family members (used with permission) or from stock.xchng (used with permission). Original works on Ames include, but is not limited to, the layout, the history/backstory, BIRD (British Intelligence Restriction Department), COUGH (The Canadian Organization for United Global Health), FAINTS (French Anti-Avian Influenza National Territory Security), FEATHER (Farming and Environment Appropriate Treatment of Habitat, Ecosystems and Rivers) and all board descriptions for message boards produced on with the username account prefixed with amesx.


The Owner does not take responsibilty for material posted by the players/members or other individiuals. While we can attempt to ensure that all material(s) posted and available via the website is appropriate for visitors of all ages - we cannot (and do not) guarantee this. Members are responsible for the content that they post either In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC). This includes both text, photography, videos and links that lead off-site. All posts that are produced by the players/members are, and should be condersidered, copyrighted to the respective player. We encourage the members to use stock photography, which is free for use at most websites.

Ames is a roleplaying game geared towards roleplayers from late teens and up. All players are expected to read the rules prior to joining and it is expected that those who join agree with the rules. We do not allow for players under the age of 13 to play on Ames due to the nature of the material of the posts that can be found on the game.

We take plagarism very seriously. Any players/members who are discovered having committed plagarism and theft of roleplaying posts, character images or any other material will be banned from the game.


Michelle for the creation of Ames.