List of Characters for Audition

Here is the current information about characters that are either very important (but truthfully, all characters are important, these characters just have specific roles to fill). When these characters have been claimed and are currently be played, a player's name will be added next to the character's name. These characters must be kept active or else they will go up for grabs again.

To audition for one of these characters, please 'join' them on the joining board. Sample posts for these characters must be fairly well done (min. 300 words). While the game overall does not have a word limit at all, I would like to see your ability in the form of a longer post for these characters.

Physical characteristics and ages can be determined by yourself, unless otherwise mentioned (ie. Daniel Braun, the Chief of Staff, is approximately 50 years old and Dimitri Brakus, the FAINTS General is over 63 years old).


Daniel Braun, COUGH Chief of Staff - Played by (None)

A man from Berlin, Germany, he is known all around the world as a worker of miracles. Pretty much a 'Jack of all trades' when it comes to medicine, his best known work is with cardiology and is a brilliant surgeon. But, because he's pushing fifty, he was pulled out of retirement to take on the role as the Chief of Staff because of his brilliant work. He now acts as the mentor to all the COUGH personnel as he met with each and every one of them personally when they were first employed and when they first arrive at the hospital. Friends with the 'Rick' and Dimitri.

Dimitri Brakus, FAINTS General - Played by (None)

He grew up in Greece for the better part of his life before he moved to France where he joined the army. Starting at the very bottom, Dimitri climbed up the ranks until he hit the highest rank of General. When he turned sixty, Dimitri had actually retired and moved to Poland where he had purchased land several years earlier in hopes of retiring there. On his sixty-third birthday, Dimitri received a conference call from the government leaders of Britain, Canada and France and they requested that he come out of retirement to be the general for a new military organization, FAINTS. Needless to say, he took the spot and now is friends with Daniel and 'Rick'.


Diedrick Ostrander, Director of BIRD - Played by Michelle

Of Dutch ancestory, Diedrick is in control of the entire BIRD organization, which is turn basically in control of Ames. Although nobody besides the four leaders of the BIRD teams knows his name or his face, he knows pretty much everything about everyone else. His undercover story is that he works for the governments and is a civil engineer, which he actually does have a degree in, who bought his way into an Ames citizenship by the donation of a large obscene amount of money to the city to build part the school. Friends with the Chief of Staff and with the General, they know him as 'Rick'. Nobody knows his true title except for four people.

Vincent "V" Bianchi, Owner of Club de Colibri, Leader of La Resistenza - Played by Paramore

He bought his way into Ames by flashing around his cash, a former resident of Chicago in the USA. Now he wants more. He had hoped that by 'giving' more money to the government, that they would allow more people into the city. But they haven't and Vince knows that there are so many people outside of the city who are dying and needing help and could have survived if only they had been in a place where the virus was non-existent. La Resistenza's ultimate goal is to overturn the government of Ames (namely BIRD and FAINTS) and set up his own government that would allow in anyone who was healthy.

Edmond "Eddie" Hunt, Owner of Cafe Canari - Played by Indigo

A young British man who had happened to purchase a small plot of land in France the money that his wealthy grandfather had left him, he had refused to sell his land to the French government when they told him that they would require the land that he had the title deed to. When he refused, they relented and built their city around his plot of land. When Eddie found out what they had wanted the land for, he donated a portion of it, still keeping his name on the deed, to house the school and the city's single park. He had his Cafe also built on his land so he could capitalize from people coming to a place where there was once nobody else except for him. Filthy rich, Eddie doesn't align himself with anybody and is a very neutral party.

Jack Lee, Manager of Centre de Recreation - Played by Indigo

Rather ordinary Ames citizen on the outside, but he wants to have his daughter Abigail, a six year old, join him in Ames. BIRD, however, declined his request for his daughter's immigration papers and now she is stuck in Vancouver where the flu is still very active. He joins into La Resistenza in hopes of having his daughter join him in Ames. His contribution is supplying a second hiding place for all the weapons that Micah is sneaking out for the cause.

Andrew Giovanni, bouncer at Club de Colibri - Played by Missy

Staff member of Club de Colibri and a member of the gang runned by the owner/manager of the Club. He will get cold feet about going through with the master plan that will be developed by the Club manager and he arranges to somehow tell a BIRD operative about the gang's plan to open up the figurative gates of Ames to allow anyone access to the city. His role in the plot is as the snitch and he will, by accident, tell all to Diedrick Ostrander in a stupidly drunken moment once he learns enough about the plot to overturn the Ames government.

Rafe Taylor, FAINTS Captain - Played by Kel

Part of FAINTS (rank is Captain) and is the supplier of weapons and arms for the gang. His reason for being a part of the gang and helping them is to allow his wife to join him in this safe haven city. His wife has not yet contracted the avian influenza but she was not allowed to join him as she had been taking care of her sick mother (who did contract the flu) when he arrived in the city. Now between work, lobbying for his wife to join him and helping with the cause, Rafe's having a difficult time keeping up appearences. He is an American, formerly of the American armed forces and specializes in hand-in-hand combat (martial arts).

Georgiana "Georgie" Bishop - Played by Butterfly

Fourteen years of age and a Swiss citizen, both of Georgie's parents were British and she gained national news coverage for being a child prodigy. But instead of excelling in maths or music or arts, they found that Georgie had the unique gift of real photographic memory. Typically, people with photographic memories only keep the memories for short amounts of time. Georgie, on the other hand, was capable of remembering things long ago. If she read a chapter book when she was seven, she could still recite every single word, despite not having read it ever again, when she was eleven. Being very useful and still young and easy to manipulate, she is sought after by both BIRD and by La Resistenza. She was brought into Ames under an assumed name, Anna Bishop, because BIRD was hoping to keep her a secret. She eventually ends up being kidnapped and held hostage by La Resistenza. Georgie often goes into the BIRD headquarters because they like keeping her up to date because she is such an important asset to the future, she only ever makes contact with one BIRD operative, still unknown at this time. La Resistenza notes this and kidnaps her and holds her hostage in their headquarters in the Club de Colibri basement where they try to coax information out of her. Which she would gladly tell, if she actually knew anything.